Waffles at Brussels


Chef Thomas Crijns and Restaurant entrepreneur Nicolas Servais has done it again with amazing authentic Belgian waffles for breakfast and lunch. Laguna Beach has another reason to get excited with their new Belgian waffle  menu – started appropriately on Mother’s Day, May 14th. For Mother’s Day, all mothers will receive a free waffle as part of the Waffles for Mom Brunch Special.


We are so excited to introduce authentic Belgian Waffles at Brussels Bistro. It’s been in the works for months and finally, we are very pleased with the outcome. Our homemade waffles are made fresh to order and topped only with fresh ingredients. We want everyone to know why Belgian waffles are so amazing in Belgium.

The new Belgian waffle menu features waffles for breakfast starting with a new twist with the Eggs Benedict Waffle, served with either bacon, ham or salmon. Enjoy freshly made Chantilly waffle with whipped cream or another famous spread, the Nutella waffle. All time favorites as the Strawberry, Banana or  Mikado waffle can be ordered with sides of  ice cream, chocolate or strawberries. The amazing duo of Brussels Bistro really put a lot of thought and has created a menu for everyone, including mushroom, smoked salmon or chicken topped waffles. Sounds amazing? You’re right, it is expected to create quite a stir.

Chef Crijns has been working on the recipes for months to make sure that the texture and taste of the Belgian waffles was perfected. After many trials of toppings and tastings, the Waffles@Brussels menu is now ready. For the healthy gluten free enthusiasts, there is of course, gluten free waffles on the menu as well.


Did we mention the Vol-au-Vent waffle, a famous Belgian creamy chicken and mushroom dish is now offered on the crispy light waffles. It’s paradise for Belgian foodies and locals who are looking for the best breakfast or weekend brunch restaurant. And finally, we have the Hamburger waffle for the ultimate fusion of the American hamburger and the authentic Belgian waffle.